Zenox: CSGO Rage Hack

Have you ever wanted to cheat on official CSGO servers? Well, now is the perfect time to rage cheat with the Zenox CSGO cheat, which was made for that.

By TurboCheater Published on Dec 29, 2022 at 09:52
Zenox: CSGO Rage Hack
Zenox: CSGO Rage Hack

Thanks to the Zenox Rage Cheat, you don't have to worry about rage cheating on official CS:GO servers.

Zenox is a rage cheat for CS:GO that is designed to get around the anti-cheat as well as possible, so you can rage hack without being banned.

The cheat was only made for rage cheating. Zenox is one of the best rage cheats because of this.RELATED: Wenis Cheat - External ESP & Aimbot

What's holding you back? Let's look at Zenox and everything it can do.

Is the Zenox Rage Cheat safe to use?

Zenox is meant to be used for rage cheating on official CS:GO servers and VAC-protected community servers, so it is safe to use.

But the developers say you should always cheat on a smurf account if you can, in case VAC or CS:GO Overwatch finds out and bans you.

Features in Zenox Rage Cheat

  • Bunnyhop
  • Autostrafe
  • Edge Jump
  • Infinite duck
  • Crouch in air
  • Fast ladder
  • Auto peek
  • Anti untrusted
  • Reveal ranks
  • Clantag changer
  • Buybot
  • Event log
  • Ragebot
  • Anti Aim
  • Player ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Bomb ESP
  • Grenade ESP

How to install the Zenox Rage Cheat

Before installing Zenox, ensure Steam and CSGO aren't running, as they can flag you for downloading a cheat.RELATED: Hackeplex Injector | Injector for CSGO, TF2, GTA 5 and MORE!

  1. Download the Zenox Rage Cheat and extract the files
  2. Launch the DLL injector
  3. Select the Zenox .dll file
  4. Launch CSGO
  5. Inject Zenox and wait for the menu to appear
  6. You're ready to start cheating!

The DLL injector included might be outdated and, therefore, not work. Because of this, you should always use your own DLL injector, which may be more up-to-date.

Download the Zenox: CSGO Rage Hack

To download the Zenox: CSGO Rage Hack click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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