SnekMod: Minecraft Autoclicker

SnekMod is a one-of-a-kind legit Minecraft auto clicker. It's simple and external, with extremely low chances of detection. Why not give it a try?

By leoblox Published on Dec 21, 2022 at 07:08
SnekMod: Minecraft Autoclicker
SnekMod: Minecraft Autoclicker

SnekMod is an external Minecraft auto clicker to be as legit and undetectable as possible. And let me tell you, it's done that well.

The auto clicker is extremely simple to both use and install. The compromise here is that it might not have the configurability you want, but you should still notice a huge advantage using SnekMod.

Scroll to the end of this blog post if you want the download link to the auto clicker, or stick around to learn more about SnekMod and how to install it.RELATED: Tenacity 5.0 - Minecraft Hacked Client

SnekMod features

As SnekMod is such a simple Minecraft auto clicker, there sadly aren't many features, as we mentioned.

  • Autoclicker
  • Autoblock

You can't configure these features except setting a bind to the two cheats, but other than that, there's nothing else you can change unless you change the code itself.

Can I get banned by SnekMod?

No, you can't get banned for using SnekMod on almost any Minecraft server. SnekMod already comes with ideal settings, letting you get right into cheating without having to configure almost anything.

If you want to stay safe, cheat on a VPN and an alt account to remain as undetected as possible unless you want to risk your main account being banned if the auto clicker gets detected.RELATED: Enigma - Minecraft Hacked Client

How to use SnekMod?

  1. Download and install the latest Python version
  2. Download SnekMod and extract it
  3. Run the "install.cmd" file and wait for it to finish
  4. Run "" and configure the auto clicker
  5. Launch Minecraft and enjoy!

You may have to restart your computer after installing Python for the first time. We suggest you do so if errors come up as you're using SnekMod.

Download the SnekMod: Minecraft Autoclicker

To download the SnekMod: Minecraft Autoclicker click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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