ValoRigger V4: Valorant Triggerbot

Sometimes all we need is some help shooting to win more games. Thankfully, the internal ValoRigger cheat has a built-in triggerbot to help you with that.

By AquilaBlade421 Published on Dec 23, 2022 at 21:16
ValoRigger V4: Valorant Triggerbot
ValoRigger V4: Valorant Triggerbot

ValoRigger V4 is a simple but helpful cheat no matter if you're an experienced Valorant cheat or not.

ValoRigger is nothing more than a triggerbot, but this doesn't stop it from giving you huge advantages in the game.

If you combine ValoRigger with a Valorant wallhack cheat, you'll undoubtedly become the best Valorant cheat in no time.RELATED: YOLOV4Tiny: External Aimbot for Valorant

So, what do you think? Stick until the end for the download link to the ValoRigger V4 cheat.

Features in ValoRigger V4

  • Triggerbot FOV
  • Firerate
  • Set Triggerbot keybind
  • Spray Assistant
  • Sniper Mode
  • Streamproof

The streamproof feature is beneficial if you're playing to use Valorant cheats while streaming, as this will hide the ValoRigger cheat from your stream or recording.

Is ValoRigger V4 safe to use?

The ValoRigger V4 is currently undetected and frequently receives updates to keep it that way.

However, the cheat developer suggests that you always cheat on a separate account, as the ValoRigger hack can get detected at any moment by the Valorant anti-cheat.RELATED: Neox | Valorant Triggerbot & Aimbot

ValoRigger V4 keybinds

  • Menu — INSERT (INS) & DELETE (DEL)

How to install ValoRigger V4

Make sure to close Valorant before starting the installation process and ensure Vanguard isn't running in the background.

  1. Download ValoRigger V4 and extract it to your desktop
  2. Run the ValoRigger loader
  3. Launch Valorant
  4. Go into your Valorant settings and set your graphics settings to "Fullscreen Windowed"
  5. Open the cheat menu and start cheating

If the triggerbot is not working, ensure your game is running in fullscreen windowed; otherwise, it won't work. Also, make sure that the triggerbot is enabled inside the cheat menu.

Download the ValoRigger V4: Valorant Triggerbot

To download the ValoRigger V4: Valorant Triggerbot click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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