Timber Champions Script - Autofarm / Autohatch & Anti AFK

Roblox Timber Champions can be a slow game at times, that's why we're releasing this Roblox script to help you level up faster in Timber Champions.

By TurboCheater Published on Dec 19, 2022 at 17:24
Timber Champions Script - Autofarm / Autohatch & Anti AFK
Timber Champions Script - Autofarm / Autohatch & Anti AFK

Hello cheaters. Today we're looking at a Roblox script/cheat for the Timber Champions Roblox game.

What's so special about this script is its powerful autofarm features, letting you leave your computer overnight to farm levels and money without having to do anything.

If you continue reading to the end, we'll show you more about the Timber Champions Roblox script and how to download it so you can use it.RELATED: Break In Story Script - Kill all, Unlock all & Teleport

Who made Timber Champions?

Powerful Studio is the creator behind the Roblox game Timber Champions. They released the Roblox game in July 2022.

Timber Champions script features

  • Walk speed changer
  • Teleport anywhere
  • Anti AFK
  • Autofarm
  • Autohatch
  • Remove all doors
  • Auto collect orbs
  • Auto open chests
  • Auto server hop

We hope all these features do you well and help you advance in Timber Champions faster than anyone else.

Can I get banned by the Timber Champions script?

No, as long as you don't autofarm for more extended periods, your account will be completely safe.

We strongly suggest using the server hop feature in the Roblox script to make sure you're never on the same server, making it harder for players to report you to the game moderators.RELATED: SYNAPSE X CRACKED TOTALLY FREE 2023 09/13/2023

How to use Timber Champions script?

  1. Download the Timber Champions script
  2. Join Timber Champions
  3. Attach your Roblox exploit of choice
  4. Inject the Timber Champions script
  5. Wait for the menu to appear and start cheating!

Who made the Timber Champions script?

Drazox and Xiovr made the Timber Champions script for the Roblox script hub named Platinium Hub.

The Roblox script/hack was quickly released as a standalone script from the Platinium Hub.

Get the Timber Champions Script - Autofarm / Autohatch & Anti AFK

To get the Timber Champions Script - Autofarm / Autohatch & Anti AFK click the button below.

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