Kamidere - Cheat for CSGO

Are you tired of trying hard to rank up your account? Kamidere knows the struggle, and that's why it's here to help you rank up quicker than ever before.

By AquilaBlade421 Published on Dec 22, 2022 at 21:10
Kamidere - Cheat for CSGO
Kamidere - Cheat for CSGO

Hey all! It's time for another CSGO cheat; this time, it's one of the most feature-rich CSGO cheats.

Kamidere is one of the most advanced legit CSGO cheats, with basic support and features for rage cheaters.

The developers of Kamidere made the hack to be used by legit players who want to rank up their CSGO accounts quicker. And the cheat is really good at doing that.RELATED: Untery Host: Rage CSGO Cheat

We'll try to keep this introduction to the cheat short, as we have much to uncover in this blog post. So keep reading, and you'll become a master CSGO legit cheater.

Features in the Kamidere cheat

If you look at our screenshots of Kamidere, you'll see how many features the cheat has. That's why we can't showcase them all here, and you have to watch videos or use the cheat yourself to see all the included features.

  • Combat
    • Aimbot
    • Triggerbot
    • Silent Aim
    • Anti-aim
    • Ragebot
    • Legitbot
    • Backtrack
  • Players
    • Box ESP
    • Skeleton ESP
    • Healthbar
    • Chams
    • Backtrack Chams
    • Glow ESP
  • World
    • Skybox Changer
    • Brightness Changer
  • Misc
    • Bunnyhop
    • Autostrafe
    • Edgebug
    • Fast Duck
  • Profile
    • Name Changer
    • Rank Changer
    • Level Changer
    • Clan Changer
  • Skins
    • Skin Changer
    • Inventory Changer
  • Scripts

Is the Kamidere cheat detected?

The Kamidere cheat has not been detected by the official CSGO anti-cheat yet.

The cheat developers suggest using a CSGO smurf account if you don't want to risk your main account being banned.RELATED: Hackeplex Injector | Injector for CSGO, TF2, GTA 5 and MORE!

If you use the rage cheats on official Valve servers, you can also be reported to CSGO Overwatch which can result in a manual game ban.

How to install the Kamidere cheat

Close CSGO and Steam before proceeding with the installation guide.

  1. Download the Kamidere cheat
  2. Launch CSGO via Steam
  3. Run the Kamidere injector
  4. Wait for the injector to complete
  5. Have fun cheating with Kamidere

If the installation process isn't working for you, ask for help in the comments, and we'll try our best to help you fix your problems.

Download the Kamidere - Cheat for CSGO

To download the Kamidere - Cheat for CSGO click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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