Clem: Free External CSGO Cheat

Need more than a basic CSGO cheat? Yes? Then, Clem is the perfect external CSGO for anyone looking for a good time, and I will share the download in this post.

By leoblox Published on Dec 12, 2022 at 09:06
Clem: Free External CSGO Cheat
Clem: Free External CSGO Cheat

Hello cheaters, today I'm sharing the external CSGO cheat, Clem, developed by GitHub user clem45.

In short, the Clem is a basic but good external, free CSGO cheat made for both legit and rage players.

So keep reading, and I'll try to answer all questions about this cheat, and by the end of this article, you'll be able to download and try it yourself.RELATED: Le Chiffre - Free External CSGO Cheat

What are the Clem Features?

Clem doesn't have many features, but it still has enough of them to nail the competition. Check them out:

  • Radar
  • GlowESP
  • Bhop
  • Triggerbot
  • NoFlash
  • NoRecoil
  • Aimbot
  • Chams
  • Nohands

Is the Clem cheat safe?

Yes, as long as you're not too suspicious, Clem is safe to use. But if you're rage cheating, players can still report you and could get you banned (so use it cautiously).

In addition, as always, I suggest you cheat using a non-main account. Don't risk getting banned on an account you care about.

How to use the Clem cheat?

Getting started with Clem isn't hard at all, go through these steps:RELATED: Hackeplex Injector | Injector for CSGO, TF2, GTA 5 and MORE!

  1. Download Clem from the link below
  2. Close Steam & CSGO
  3. Run the Clem cheat file
  4. Launch CSGO
  5. You're done!

You can now start configuring the cheat to your liking and have fun!

Download the Clem: Free External CSGO Cheat

To download the Clem: Free External CSGO Cheat click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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