AstroMenu | Free FiveM Mod Menu

Today we have yet another FiveM cheat for all of you cheaters. AstroMenu is like a GTA V online mod menu, but for FiveM instead. Don't miss this one.

By leoblox Published on Dec 14, 2022 at 12:25
AstroMenu | Free FiveM Mod Menu
AstroMenu | Free FiveM Mod Menu

Today, we're looking at AstroMenu for FiveM, a FiveM mod that'll help you have so much fun.

It can upgrade your FiveM cheating with its easy-to-use features.

We'll explore the various features, provide instructions on installing it, and give you the download link.RELATED: Slay GTA V Online Mod Menu

Let's start!

What is AstroMenu?

Given that AstroMenu has all of the wanted cheats, like aimbot, spawn weapons, triggerbot, ESP, and more; you will never be the loser in the game.

Features in AstroMenu

  • Box ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Aim Target
  • Godmode
  • Invisible
  • Give weapons
  • Unlimited ammo
  • No recoil
  • No Spread
  • Rapid fire

How to install AstroMenu for FiveM?

Installing AstroMenu for FiveM is not difficult; all you need to do is download and run it, which we'll show you how to do.RELATED: Segs Mod Menu - GTA V Online Cheat

  1. Download AstroMenu
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Run the AstroMenu injector & start FiveM
  4. You're now done!

Is the AstroMenu cheat safe?

AstroMenu won't lead to a ban on FiveM as it lacks a proper anti-cheat, but individual servers may still ban you if they think you're breaking their rules.

Therefore, if you plan to keep playing on a server where you're using cheats, create another account that's separate from your main one.

Download the AstroMenu | Free FiveM Mod Menu

To download the AstroMenu | Free FiveM Mod Menu click the button below.

Click Here to Download File Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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